Redefining the industry standard for trade paint waste disposal

The Eco Clean Systems Paint Wash Unit treats painters wash water to eliminate disposal of paint contaminated water into waterways and sewers.

Thousands of litres of dirty paint waste water are disposed of illegally to drains and waterways each year. Your employees and subcontractors may be responsible for illegal discharge despite your best efforts. Assume control over this process with the Eco Clean system and avoid costly fines and potential prosecution.

We are the only supplier offering unit delivery and relocation, monthly servicing, and scheduled removal of waste paint solids to an approved EPA facility, and a fully documented process of disposal.


Watch the video above and contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance to your organisation in eliminating your trade paint waste.

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Be at the forefront of environmentally responsible construction

Contact us now and take the first step in reducing the trade associated waste impact across your project sites.

We can tailor a supply package to suit your needs from a single unit in a fixed location, through to multiple units across multiple locations.